Solar Cat Evaluation

Adapted from SOLCAT - Version 1.0

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This page aids in selecting a solar cat. Answer the following questions about the cat under evaluation. After answering all questions click on the Submit button and you will be told how good or bad the cat is.

All questions should be answered with a number from 1 to 10 unless otherwise indicated.

Name of cat (spell it out)
Is it really a cat? (10 is very much a cat)
Number of paws
Width of left front paw (in inches)
Length of tail (in paws)
Maximum cross sectional area (in square paws)
Weight of cat (in pounds, undressed and dry)
Fur color (black = 10, white = 1, transparent = 0)
Number of stripes (if no stripes, use 1)
Width of stripes (in paws)
Number of fur colors
Maximum purr rate (in purrs per minute)
Average fur length (in paws)
Fear of dogs
How much it likes to eat
How much it likes to lie in the sun